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RIBA7055Stone image of Jizo, Hakone

RIBA11722Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Reconciliation by the Glencree River, Glencree valley, Wicklow Mountains

RIBA11799Mortuary house, Bovevagh Old Church, County Derry

RIBA14032Idol cart with stone wheels, Banashankari

RIBA16585Kiosk of Qirtasi

RIBA19630Seven-storey vimana

RIBA29074Sketches of architectural details, including a half-sketch of a tabernacle, ceiling decoration, an angel, the Holy Family and a two-storey structure featuring circular stairs and a vaulted ceiling

RIBA31731Sketch of a tabernacle

RIBA32153Sketch of two gondoliers' shrines from Venice and a pillar shrine from Florence

RIBA32154Sketch of a wall shrine in Venice featuring an angel figure surmounting two shields

RIBA37181Shrine with steps seen from the River Ganges, Nabusta, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA58786Sebil Qaitbay, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, seen from the west with the Dome of the Rock in the background

RIBA60431Hari Mandir (Golden Temple), Amristar, seen from the bank of Lake Sarova

RIBA60929Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount, Jerusalem

RIBA60930Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount, Jerusalem: the ambulatory

RIBA73042Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh: the rear elevation showing the shrine

RIBA73043Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh: the shrine

RIBA73046Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh: the steel casket in the shrine

RIBA80892Proposed reconstruction of the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey, London

RIBA93649Hindu ornament no. 2: ornaments from shrines in Burma (Myanmar) and the Ajunta Caves, India

RIBA100765Shrines & Temples: A) Jericho; B) Yasa Depe; C) Tepe Gawra; D) Dashliji; E) Eridu; F) Djeitun; G-K) Catal Huyuk: plans and axonometrics

RIBA100914Japanese Shrines; A) Shimmei torii; B) Myojin torii; C) Kamo-no-Wakeikazuchi shrine, Kyoto; D) Usa shrine, Kyushu; E) Kasuga shrine, Nara: plans and elevations

RIBA100915Examples of Japanese architecture; A) Temple of Miyo-Jin-Kanda, Tokyo, Japan; B) Tea house, Japan; C-D) Japanese middle-class House; E-F) public baths, Japan; G) Tenno-Ji Pagoda, Osaka, Japan; H) Altar Shrine Temple of Miyo-Jin; J) Japanese lamp; K) Japanese compound brackets; L) Japanese font shed; M) gable ends: plans and elevations

RIBA135736Sumiyoshi-taisha (Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine), Osaka: one of the four main shrine buildings, built in the Sumiyoshi-zukuri style


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