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RIBA4178York Minster: the north transept with the Five Sisters Window

RIBA6697St Margaret, Bagendon, Gloucestershire: a fragment of the original stained glass showing the Virgin with her hands outstretched

RIBA6960St Mary the Virgin and St Nicholas, Wrangle, Lincolnshire: detail of the almost complete stained glass depiction of the Resurrection in the east window

RIBA13541Salisbury Cathedral: the chapter house

RIBA26575Spike Milligan's home, Finchley, London: an Edwardian fireplace and stained glass window

RIBA26884York Minster: the north transept

RIBA26885York Minster: the north transept

RIBA26886York Minster: the vault and the Five Sisters Window of the north transept

RIBA40165Stained glass windows of a church, Verbier, Valais

RIBA48665Restoration and extension of Loretto School chapel, Edinburgh: the nave extension looking towards the chancel

RIBA48666Restoration and extension of Loretto School chapel, Edinburgh: the chancel

RIBA58605Sheffield City Hall, Barker's Pool, Sheffield: the large laylight to the ceiling of the Oval Hall


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