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RIBA4719Altar of Ratchis, Duomo di San Martine, Cividale del Friuli: detail of the Lombard stone carved angels on the front panel

RIBA5256Almshouses, Chipping Campden, Cotswolds

RIBA6684All Saints, North Moreton, Oxfordshire

RIBA6846All Souls, Langham Place, London, seen from Regent Street with the BBC Broadcasting House behind

RIBA7817All Souls and Queen's Hall, Langham Place, seen from Regent Street, London

RIBA9650All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA15887Amphitheatre, Epidauros, Peloponnese

RIBA23814Alliance Assurance Company's Head Office, Bartholomew Lane, City of London: the corner of Throgmorton Street and Batholomew Lane

RIBA24131All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA24132All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA48054All Souls, Oxford, seen from the corner of Queen's Lane and New College Lane

RIBA48517All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the lych-gate

RIBA48518All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA48519All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA48520All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the belfry

RIBA48521All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the choir and nave

RIBA48522All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the altar flanked by Pre-Raphaelite tapestries

RIBA48523All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the baptismal font

RIBA48524All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: window detail

RIBA48701Anglican Cathedral, St James's Mount, Liverpool: the central section under construction

RIBA48809All Souls, Langham Place, London, seen from the west

RIBA50037Allahverdi Khan Bridge, Isfahan: one of the covered galleries flanking the central roadway

RIBA60546All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire

RIBA60547All Saints, Brockhampton-by-Ross, Herefordshire: the nave


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