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RIBA16384Fences and lamp posts of Square Montholon and Square de la Trinite, Paris

RIBA18283Lamp post at St Neots

RIBA23159Expo '67, Montreal: a typical tented information kiosk and group of three clocks synchronised with a master regulator in the Swiss Pavilion

RIBA26627Flats, Annfield, Newhaven

RIBA33097Hotel Pierre, 795 Fifith Avenue, New York

RIBA38665Letter-box mounted on a lamp standard and a litter bin on a corner of Park Avenue, New York

RIBA41043John Curtin Centre, Curtin University of Technology, Bentley, Perth, Western Australia: the campus guide

RIBA41349Flower-shaped waste bin, Essaouira

RIBA43504Gates, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

RIBA44938London General Omnibus Company bus stop, Hammersmith, London

RIBA46322Lyon Saint-Exupery TGV Station (formerly Satolas Airport Railway Station), Lyon: the entrance forecourt

RIBA46325Lyon Saint-Exupery TGV Station (formerly Satolas Airport Railway Station), Lyon: the main hall and roof above the platforms and the station forecourt

RIBA50734Drain with cobbled gulley, Cathedral Close, Exeter

RIBA61202Expo' 64, Lausanne: public seating

RIBA62938Magazine Gateway, the Newarke, Leicester: the steps and subway approach to the gateway

RIBA71645Drinking fountain, Parliament Square, Westminster, London

RIBA76961Detail of grill surrounding a tree within an urban landscape

RIBA77436Harbour, Minehead, Somerset: the flagpole

RIBA89503Detail of a street marker showing the boundary line for the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company, Berkeley Street, Boston

RIBA89590Detail of a stand pipe on a building, New York

RIBA90032Kiosk, Toulouse

RIBA105541Images to accompany an article, entitled, 'Unconscious Sculpture'

RIBA105543Images of forms of shelter to accompany an article by Ian Nairn: entitled, 'Casebook' in the issue 'Counter-Atttack'

RIBA105544Images to accompany an article by Ian Nairn: entitled, 'Counter-Attack'


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