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RIBA9045Buddhist Guanyin tang temple, Fozi wan: a three dragon screen

RIBA9270Bahu Temple, Nagda

RIBA9271Bahu Temple, Nagda: the porch

RIBA9973Baha'i Temple, Chicago

RIBA13929Areopagus hill, Athens, with the Temple of Hephaestus (Theseion) on the right

RIBA15874Asklepieion, Acropolis, Athens: the portico

RIBA20688Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Temple of Neptune (or Hera II) and Temple of Ceres, Paestum

RIBA22479Architectural composition or design for a stage setting showing a Classical domed atrium, where a procession is shown taking place

RIBA31296Black Pagoda (Kornak Sun Temple), Jagannatha Temple, Puri: elevation

RIBA37048Architectural composition: a capriccio with the Maison Carree, a triumphal column, the tomb of Minerva Medica and the arch of Constantine behind the Temple of Vesta

RIBA37204Architectural details of a Hindu templei n the fort of Rohtasgarh, Rohtas, Bihar

RIBA45093Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Paestum: capital detail

RIBA45094Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Paestum: capital

RIBA53209Bamboo ceramic grille, Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Island), Lamma Island, Hong Kong

RIBA60252Augustan propylon, Askleplieion, Athens: a Corinthian capital

RIBA66954Capital and entablature of the order of the portico of the court of the Temple of Bel (or Temple of the Sun), Palmyra

RIBA66984Base, capital and entablature of a building near the Temple of Baal Shamin (Temple of the Signa or Temple of the Standards), Palmyra

RIBA100829Baths of Caracalla, Rome: plans and perspectives

RIBA100830Basilica of Trajan: Rome A); Basilica of Constantine, Rome B-E); Basilica of Constantine, Trier (F-G): interior perspectives, plans, sections and elevation

RIBA105075Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA105076Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA112837Arch of Septimus Severus, Forum, Rome,

RIBA113153Arch of Septimius Severus, Forum, Rome: detail of sculptures

RIBA135424Buddhist Temple, Wimbledon Common, London


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