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RIBA113153Arch of Septimius Severus, Forum, Rome: detail of sculptures

RIBA112837Arch of Septimus Severus, Forum, Rome,

RIBA22479Architectural composition or design for a stage setting showing a Classical domed atrium, where a procession is shown taking place

RIBA37048Architectural composition: a capriccio with the Maison Carree, a triumphal column, the tomb of Minerva Medica and the arch of Constantine behind the Temple of Vesta

RIBA37204Architectural details of a Hindu templei n the fort of Rohtasgarh, Rohtas, Bihar

RIBA13929Areopagus hill, Athens, with the Temple of Hephaestus (Theseion) on the right

RIBA15874Asklepieion, Acropolis, Athens: the portico

RIBA60252Augustan propylon, Askleplieion, Athens: a Corinthian capital

RIBA9973Baha'i Temple, Chicago

RIBA9270Bahu Temple, Nagda

RIBA9271Bahu Temple, Nagda: the porch

RIBA53209Bamboo ceramic grille, Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu Wan (Picnic Island), Lamma Island, Hong Kong

RIBA66984Base, capital and entablature of a building near the Temple of Baal Shamin (Temple of the Signa or Temple of the Standards), Palmyra

RIBA45094Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Paestum: capital

RIBA45093Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Paestum: capital detail

RIBA20688Basilica (or Temple of Hera I), Temple of Neptune (or Hera II) and Temple of Ceres, Paestum

RIBA100830Basilica of Trajan: Rome A); Basilica of Constantine, Rome B-E); Basilica of Constantine, Trier (F-G): interior perspectives, plans, sections and elevation

RIBA100829Baths of Caracalla, Rome: plans and perspectives

RIBA105076Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA105075Bhuleshwar, Mumbai

RIBA31296Black Pagoda (Kornak Sun Temple), Jagannatha Temple, Puri: elevation

RIBA9045Buddhist Guanyin tang temple, Fozi wan: a three dragon screen

RIBA66954Capital and entablature of the order of the portico of the court of the Temple of Bel (or Temple of the Sun), Palmyra

RIBA27924Cathedral of Madonna del Piliere o delle Colonne (Duomo), Syracuse, Sicily: the arcades cut in the wall of the ancient cathedral and the walled-in columns of the Temple of Athena


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