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1:250 scale model of the proposed Mansion House Square scheme, City of LondonRIBA106957

1:250 scale model of the proposed Mansion House Square scheme, City of LondonRIBA106983

103-115 Rushby Mead, Letchworth Garden CityRIBA9863

104-120 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7802

109-115 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7773

11 Carlton House and 13-15 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7764

110-120 Pixmore Way, Letchworth Garden CityRIBA9849

11-17 Waterloo Place, Lower Regent Street, LondonRIBA7762

117-131 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7774

12 and 13 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA10980

122-132 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7803

133-153 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7775

134-154 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7804

14-16 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7793

1-5 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA10981

155-169 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7776

156-176 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7805

16-18 Somerset Place, BathRIBA55616

162-176 Wilbury Road, Letchworth Garden CityRIBA9850

17 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, LondonRIBA10979

171-197 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7777

17-25 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7765

178-200 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7806

18 and 19 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London: the north side of the squareRIBA10627


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