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RIBA13565Chateau de Pierrefonds, Oise: view of the castle during its reconstruction

RIBA14431Cornwell, Cotswolds, Oxfordshire a rebuilt village street

RIBA14765Cottages on Spaunton Moor, North Yorkshire

RIBA29810Cockington, Devon: aerial perspective showing the village green, Drum Inn, shops, houses and a teahouse

RIBA29811Cockington, Devon: aerial perspective showing the village green, Drum Inn, shops, houses and a teahouse

RIBA34478Cottage in Great Bookham, Surrey

RIBA34813Completed steel framed and reinforced Dorlonco houses at Dormanstown Industrial Village, Redcar

RIBA41258Castle ruins seen from the valley, Fil'akovo (Fulek)

RIBA47476Corner between Bell's Brae and Hawthornbank Lane, Dean Village, Edinburgh

RIBA48171Chantry Row, Portmeirion: the garden elevation with balconies

RIBA48174Chantry, Portmeirion

RIBA48265Cottages, Kiibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire

RIBA49071Church Hill, Kersey, Suffolk, with the ford in the foreground and St Mary in the background

RIBA49098Church Hill, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, with the tower of St Peter in the background

RIBA77736Chatsworth Estate housing, Edensor, Derbyshire

RIBA102601Cottages, Buscot, Berkshire

RIBA102605Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire: detail of door

RIBA102606Cottages, Buscot, Oxfordshire

RIBA102607Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire

RIBA102609Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire

RIBA102610Cottages, Buscot, Oxfordshire, with date 1894 and initial AH in the gable

RIBA102617Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire

RIBA102618Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire

RIBA102620Cottage, Buscot, Oxfordshire


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