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RIBA5056Borgund stave church, Laedal: roof detail

RIBA5141Bredenberg department store, Stockholm: the main entrance doors made of birch

RIBA18072Bark Cottage, Blaise Hamlet, Henbury

RIBA23862Austin Reed shop, Bournemouth: detail of custom-built interior fittings and furniture in wood

RIBA24030Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the administrative offices

RIBA24031Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: close-up of the counter of the small bar in the main restaurant

RIBA24033Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: looking along an office corridor with a high mahogany dado and cork tiled floor

RIBA24035Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the treasury of the Casino showing the money counting machines

RIBA24077Architect's cabinet in sycamore, designed for Henri Pacon

RIBA24762BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London: the unfurnished semi-circular Council Chamber lined with Tasmanian oak

RIBA34699Borgund stave church, Laerdal: roof detail

RIBA34700Borgund stave church, Laedal: the detached belfry

RIBA40157Boat hull and fence, Essaouira

RIBA41017Borgund stave church, Laedal: perspective view

RIBA42635Belgrade Theatre, Belgrade Square, Coventry: the bar

RIBA50535Birchen Coppice County Primary School, Kidderminster, Worcestershire: the main entrance

RIBA50536Birchen Coppice County Primary School, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

RIBA50537Birchen Coppice County Primary School, Kidderminster, Worcestershire: the assembly hall

RIBA51448Arts library and lecture rooms, Bedford Street, University of Liverpool: detail of wall elements on west facade

RIBA52679Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: an office corridor panelled in mahogany

RIBA54513Belgrade Theatre, Coventry: the bar with its shutters closed

RIBA61648Biology and Zoology Building, Queen's College, Dundee

RIBA71489Austin Reed, Milsom Street, Bath, Somerset: the shopfront

RIBA71501Austin Reed, Westover Road, Bournemouth: the staircase


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