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RIBA4422Philip Webb

RIBA4426Professor George Aitchison

RIBA4530Michael Wilford

RIBA4714Charles and Ray Eames

RIBA4774Berthold Lubetkin and Margaret Church at The Stork Club, New York, during the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition 'Modern Architecture in England'

RIBA4778Passport photograph of Berthold Lubetkin

RIBA4779Berthold Lubetkin

RIBA4780Berthold Lubetkin

RIBA4802William White

RIBA4808Pier Luigi Nervi at the drawing board

RIBA4819Edward Playne

RIBA4889Jacques Herzog

RIBA4890Pierre de Meuron

RIBA4908Denys Lasdun (standing) and Philip Wood (centre) with their team in the studio, with the discarded models of the National Theatre in the background

RIBA4927Jane Jacobs

RIBA4973William Alexander Allen

RIBA4974Patrick Garnett

RIBA5406Mr Clark, the Sexton, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

RIBA5435Sir Clough Williams-Ellis at Portmeirion

RIBA5800Alvar Aalto

RIBA5801Professor Sir Patrick Abercrombie

RIBA5802Maurice Bingham Adams

RIBA5803Cartoon of the fictional architect Seth Pecksniff from Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens

RIBA5804Mrs Castle choosing houses, Southampton


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