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RIBA67986Audley End, Essex: ground floor plan

RIBA67985Audley End, Essex: persepctive of the west front

RIBA83062Bank of England branch, Castle Street, Liverpool: perspective

RIBA56304Bank of England, King Street, Manchester

RIBA52107Beaumont Street, Oxford, with the west wing of the Ashmolean Museum on the right

RIBA35281Bell towers of the churches of St Clement Eastcheap, St George Botolph and St James Piccadilly, London

RIBA67992Belsay Hall, Northumberland: plan of the ground floor and elevation of the entrance front

RIBA67998Bentley Priory, Stanmore, London: ground floor plan

RIBA72268Blaise Castle House, near Bristol

RIBA67987Bramshill House, Hampshire: first floor plan

RIBA67988Bramshill House, Hampshire: ground floor plan

RIBA20350Bristol Philosophical and Literary Institution: plans, sections and perspective indicating a lecture theatre and library together with committee, exhibition and reading rooms

RIBA67990Camden House, Chipping Campden: one of the pavilions

RIBA67989Camden House, Chipping Campden: view of the house set on its terrace between two pavilions

RIBA65550Carpenter's Hall, City of London: elevation and detail of niche

RIBA30597Castle Bromwich Hall, Castle Bromwich: plan of the house and gardens

RIBA30598Castle Bromwich Hall, Castle Bromwich: plans

RIBA30589Castletown House, Celbridge: plan of the ground floor with accompanying notes

RIBA83571Chapel of the Holy Evangelists, Killerton, Devon: perspective

RIBA100434Charles Robert Cockerell

RIBA68008Chateau de Compiegne: ground floor plan

RIBA35277Church of St Antholin, Budge Row: sketched elevation of the spire with a detail of the weather vane

RIBA35235Church of St Benet Paul's Wharf, City of London: sketched details of the dome, lantern and weather vane surmounting the bell tower

RIBA35224Church of St Bride's Fleet Street, City of London: sketched details


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