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RIBA62151London ambulance man on the radio-phone at the scene of a traffic accident

RIBA62152People clustered around the victim of a road traffic accident outside a London Underground station seen from the ambulance

RIBA62153London Ambulance woman treating a road accident victim

RIBA62154Voting at a British Leyland strike meeting

RIBA62155Outdoor mass meeting at a British Leyland plant

RIBA62156A union meeting

RIBA62157Miners in the locker room

RIBA62158Inside a brick factory

RIBA62159Lord Meston, President of the National Federation of Property Owners, and a table covered with government acts and regulations

RIBA62160Production line in a Mini car factory

RIBA62161Wheeling goods on a handcart in a market

RIBA62162Shipping in the King George V Dock, London

RIBA62163Waiting to load shipping in the King George V Dock, London

RIBA62164Teachers in a protest march, London

RIBA62165Guildford School of Art with protest banners and posters

RIBA62166View from a Victorian school over the school yard and industrial town

RIBA62167Outdoor toilet at an infants' school

RIBA62168Child welfare clinic in a church hall, east London

RIBA62169Child welfare clinic in a church hall, east London

RIBA62170Sitting around the table at an old people's home in Worthing, West Sussex

RIBA62171London ambulance men recording details of an accident at the accident and emergency department of a hospital

RIBA62172View across the construction site for St Thomas' Hospital to the Houses of Parliament, London

RIBA62173Bank holiday traffic on the A10

RIBA62174Cars queuing to park at Woburn Abbey


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