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Doorway of North Portico: Erechtheion, Athens (C-D): elevation and details of entablatureRIBA100798

Doorway of Pantheon, Rome (A-C); Doorway of North Portico, Erechtheion, Athens (D-E): elevations and detailsRIBA100803

Early Basilicas, Rome and the Holy Land; A) Basilica, St. Peter's Rome; B) Lateran Basilica, Rome; C) Cemetery of St. Agnese, Rome; D) Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem; E) Anastasis Rotunda and Martyrium Basilica, Jerusalem: plans and axonometricsRIBA100838

Early Indian architecture: Harappa (A-B); Mohenjo-Daro (C-F): plansRIBA100785

Evolution of Houses: A) Beidha; B) Imris Gora; C) Khirokita; D) Ain Mallaha; E) Arpachiyah; F) Beidha; G) Hacilar VI; H) Jarmo; J) Umm Dabaghiyah; K) Can Hasan; L) Tell Hassuna; M) Umm Dabaghiyah; N) Hacilar II; P) Mersin XVI; Q) Tal-I-Iblis; R) Djeitun; S) Tell Es-Sawwan: plans and perspectivesRIBA100764

Evolution of the Doric Order (A-F): Parthenon, AthensRIBA100807

Examples of Ancient European architecture: Prehistoric Defences: A) Lausitz Fortifications; B) Clickhimin; C) Biskupin; D) Stone Towers: perspectives and plansRIBA100778

Examples of Ancient European architecture: Prehistoric Monuments: A) Maes Howe; B) Yvias; C) Los Millares; D) Mid Howe; E) Esse; F) La Halliade; G) Li Mizzani; H) Ggantija; J) Stonehenge; K) Hal Tarxien; L) Fussell's Lodge; M) West Kennet; N) Leubingen: plans and perspectivesRIBA100779

Examples of domestic architecture in colonial Africa; A) Typical Town House, Cape Town B) Basel Mission House, Kumasi C) Waterfront House, Lamu D) Homesteads, Cape Colony E) Courtyard House, Lamu F) Typical Parapets, Cape Town G) The Stonehouse, Johannesburg H) Cape Gables: plans, elevations, details and diagramsRIBA100995

Examples of early Chinese domestic architecture: A) Ch'in Palace, Hsienyang; B) Ku Wei Ts'un; C) Shang House; D) Hsi-Pei-Kang; E) Yang-Shao Houses Pan-P'o-Ts'un: perspectives and elevationsRIBA100786

Examples of funerary architecture from Ancient Greece: Lion Tomb at Cnidos(A-F); The "Alexander" Sarcophagus: Sidon (G-H); Tomb at Cnidos (J); Tomb of the Weepers: Sidon (K): plans, sections and perspectivesRIBA100791

Examples of military architecture in colonial Africa; A) Elmina Castle B) Richter House; C) Dixcove Fort D) Fort Jesus; E) Fort St. Jago F) The Castle, Cape Town: plans and aerial perspectiveRIBA100994

Examples of Ottoman architecture and construction; Dome Supports. A) Stalactites and Pendentive (Selimye); B) Squinch Dome (Ahmediye); C) Turkish Triangles (Beyazit Pasha Cam); D-E) Suleymaniye, Istanbul; F-G) Selimiye Cami, Edirne: plans, sections and perspectivesRIBA100991

Examples of 'Principles of Proportions': A) Tetrastyle; B) Hexastyle; C) Octastyle; D) Arch of Trajan Beneventum; E) Arch of Septimus Severus Rome; F) Baptistry, Pisa; G) Medieval Cathedrals; H) Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster; J) Chapter House, Wells; K) St George's Chapel, Windsor; L) King's College Chapel, Cambridge: diagramsRIBA100789

Fully Centralised Structures Compared; A) St. Hrip'Sime, Vagharshapat; B) St. Gregory, Zvart'Nots; C) St. Andrew, Peristerai; D) St. Vitale, Ravenna; E) SS Sergius and Bacchus, Constantinople: plans and sectionsRIBA100836

House of Pansa: Pompeii (A-B); House of Umm El-Jemal (C-D); Insula del Serapide, Ostia (E): plans, elevation, section and axonometricRIBA100832

Imperial Fora: Rome (A-B): plan and conjectural restoration of the Forum of AugustusRIBA100821

Japanese Shrines; A) Shimmei torii; B) Myojin torii; C) Kamo-no-Wakeikazuchi shrine, Kyoto; D) Usa shrine, Kyushu; E) Kasuga shrine, Nara: plans and elevationsRIBA100914

Later Byzantine Churches; A) H. Titos, Gortyna; B) Basilica B, Philippi; C) H. Sophia, Salonika; D) Hosios Lukas; E) Constantine Lips, Constantinople: plans and axonometricsRIBA100837

Maison Carree, Nimes (A-C); Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Rome (D-F); Temple of Venus & Rome, Rome (G-H): elevations, plans, perspective and sectionRIBA100831

Maison de la Colline, Delos: section as restoredRIBA111589

NOT FOR WEB - Al-Aqmar Mosque, Cairo: planRIBA97242

Parthenon, Athens: plans, sections and elevationsRIBA100816

Propylaea, Athens: elevations, plans and sectionsRIBA100809


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