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RIBA4117Design for a wallpaper for Sanderson and Sons showing birds among stylized leaves

RIBA4118Design for a textile for Alexander Morton entitled 'Fidelis'

RIBA4119Design for a textile entitled 'Huntsman'

RIBA4120Design for a textile for Alexander Morton showing cornflowers, wheatsheaves and crows

RIBA4121Design for a textile or wallpaper entitled 'Crown and Tulip'

RIBA4122Design for a carpet and textile showing strawberries, leaves, flowers and birds

RIBA4123Design for a wallpaper showing eucalyptus leaves and flowers

RIBA4124Design for a textile entitled 'The Rose and Shamrock'

RIBA4125Design for a textile showing stylized yellow roses

RIBA4126Design for a fabric showing yellow roses and rose hips

RIBA4127Design for a wallpaper entitled 'Symbols of the Arts'

RIBA4129Design, possibly for a nursery wallpaper, showing birds and a squirrel in a tree

RIBA4130Design, probably intended for a nursery wallpaper frieze, showing a rural scene

RIBA4131Design for a nursery wallpaper or a textile entitled 'Great Kings and Queens'

RIBA4132Design for a wallpaper or textile entitled 'I love little pussy, her coat'

RIBA5940Pasture House, North Luffenham, Rutland

RIBA5997Thomas Elsley Ltd display-board showing their range of metalwork designed by Charles Voysey.

RIBA6000Sanderson wallpaper factory, Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London

RIBA6369Charles Francis Annesley Voysey pictured December 1930

RIBA7254Restaurant of C. Ulrich en Zoon, Rotterdam

RIBA7255Santos warehouse, Rotterdam docks

RIBA7256Offices of P.Thomsen en Co., Joubertstraat, Rotterdam

RIBA7257Burgomaster's Residence, Rotterdam: the Ballroom

RIBA10530Annesley Lodge, Platt's Lane, Hampstead, London


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