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RIBA24087Village College, Impington: view from the two-storey block

RIBA24088Village College, Impington: the domestic science room

RIBA24089Village College, Impington: the assembly hall

RIBA24090Village College, Impington: close-up of the library block

RIBA24091Village College, Impington: west side of the adult recreation wing

RIBA24092Village College, Impington: the central corridor with lockers

RIBA24093Village College, Impington: the woodwork workshop

RIBA24094Village College, Impington: the library

RIBA24095Village College, Impington: detail of the facade of the projector room in the assembly hall

RIBA24466The Wood House, Upper Green Road, Shipbourne, Kent: close-up of the entrance facade

RIBA24467The Wood House, Upper Green Road, Shipbourne, Kent: close-up of the sun-trap and garden entrance

RIBA24468The Wood House, Upper Green Road, Shipbourne, Kent: the living room

RIBA30182C.I.A.M Conference 1947, Bridgwater, Somerset: group photograph of the participants on a visit to the Bristol Aeroplane Company, including Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Erno Goldfinger, Maxwell Fry, Jane Drew, and Wells Coates. See also: RIBA94519

RIBA30554C.I.A.M. Conference, Bridgwater, Somerset: the Mayor of Bridgwater welcoming the members at the Bridgwater Arts Centre: sitting left to right, S. Papadaki, G. Samuel, J. L. Sert, the Mayor, Van Eesteren, Sigfried Giedion and Walter Gropius

RIBA30717Menu card for dinner in honour of Professor Walter Gropius on March 9th, 1937 at the Trocadero Restaurant, Piccadilly, London, 'on the occasion of his leaving England for Havard University': the seating plan, guest list and portrait of the guest of honour

RIBA31311Village College, Impington: ground plan of the school buildings and grounds

RIBA35760Village College, Impington: north-east and north-west elevations

RIBA36304Village College, Impington: aerial perspective of the school buildings and grounds

RIBA36305Village College, Impington: ground floor plan of the school buildings and grounds

RIBA36306Village College, Impington: south-west elevation of the gymnasium and south-east elevation of the adults' wing

RIBA36307Village College, Impington: south-east elevations

RIBA36308Village College, Impington: south-west elevations including the gymnasium

RIBA36309Village College, Impington: north-west and south-east elevations

RIBA36310Village College, Impington: south-east and north-east elevations of classrooms and the school entrance


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