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RIBA2819-22Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA3519-62Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA5153Planetarium, Dusseldorf

RIBA41905Poppodium Mezz, Breda

RIBA41906Poppodium Mezz, Breda

RIBA41907Poppodium Mezz, Breda

RIBA41908Poppodium Mezz, Breda

RIBA41909Poppodium Mezz, Breda

RIBA45323Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45324Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45325Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45326Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45327Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45328Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45329Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45330Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45331Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45332Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45333Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45334Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA45335Philharmonie, Berlin

RIBA92875Philharmonie, Berlin:detail of the ceiling and lighting in the auditorium

RIBA98440Preliminary designs for unexecuted Bath Improvement Scheme: sketch of concert hall interior

RIBA98442Preliminary designs for unexecuted Bath Improvement Scheme: sketch for concert hall


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