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RIBA4467University of Asmara training centre, Post Office Square, Asmara

RIBA7867University Library, Cambridge: view of the Library and Tower from Clare College

RIBA7868University Library, Cambridge: the structural steel work of the Tower

RIBA8411University Library, Cambridge: the main entrance on the east front

RIBA8413University Library, Cambridge: the rear entrance on the west front

RIBA8414University Library, Cambridge: the west front

RIBA8415University Library, Cambridge: the north court

RIBA8417University Library, Cambridge: the south court

RIBA8420University Library, Cambridge: the entrance hall

RIBA8422University Library, Cambridge: the reading room

RIBA8423University Library, Cambridge: the reading room

RIBA8424University Library, Cambridge: the inner hall

RIBA9345University library, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City

RIBA9747University of Coimbra: the quadrangle

RIBA30365University Library, University of Leicester

RIBA47289University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham

RIBA54806University Library, Cambridge: view in the book stack

RIBA54809University Library, Cambridge: the map room

RIBA54810University Library, Cambridge: the pigeon-hole room (for magazines and periodicals)

RIBA54815University Library, Cambridge: view through bronze doors from the catalogue room to the reading room

RIBA54823University Library, Cambridge: the structural steelwork of the Tower

RIBA88228University of East Anglia, Norwich : Her Majesty the Queen and Denys Lasdun, at the opening of the university in May 1969

RIBA105193University of Debrecen: the central hall of the main university building

RIBA105194University of Debrecen: the facade of the main university building


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