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RIBA8382William Booth Memorial Buildings, Denmark Hill, London

RIBA8383William Booth Memorial Buildings, Denmark Hill, London

RIBA8384William Booth Memorial Buildings, Denmark Hill, London: entrance

RIBA9043Yungang Caves: view of the outer chamber of cave number 9

RIBA9044Yungang Caves: the Great Buddha in cave number 20

RIBA9444Ulugh Beg Medrese, Samarkand: the north-east minaret

RIBA16224View of Mecca

RIBA16586Unidentified building of the Ptolemiac or Roman period

RIBA20335View of a cathedral or abbey on a rainy night, showing pedestrians carrying umbrellas in the foreground

RIBA37188View of temple buildings and a camp in the distance, near Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA85767Unidentified scuola (?) or an unidentified Palazzo Lin, Venice: front elevation with plan


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