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RIBA11114Warden's house, Albert Mansbridge College, University of Leeds

RIBA11414Waynflete Building, Magdalen College, Oxford

RIBA31343View of the Martyrs' Memorial and Balliol College, Magdalen Street / St Giles, Oxford

RIBA31344View of the Martyrs' Memorial, Magdalen Street, Oxford, with the church of St Mary Magdalen and part of Balliol College seen in the background

RIBA48103Warden's Quad, All Souls, Oxford: passageway into Front Quad

RIBA48114Wadham College Chapel, Oxford: elevated view through the screen into the choir

RIBA49161View from Clare Bridge, Cambridge, with the west range of Clare College on the left, Gibbs' Building on the right and King's College Chapel in the background

RIBA51494Wadham College Library, Oxford

RIBA71780Washington Singer Laboratories, Exeter University

RIBA71782Washington Singer Laboratories, Exeter University

RIBA71783Washington Singer Laboratories, Exeter University: the rear elevation

RIBA71784Washington Singer Laboratories, Exeter University: a laboratory

RIBA71828Walter Harding gymnasium, Liverpool University: the main front

RIBA71829Walter Harding gymnasium, Liverpool University: the main entrance

RIBA71830Walter Harding gymnasium, Liverpool University

RIBA71831Walter Harding gymnasium, Liverpool University: the entrance hall

RIBA71832Walter Harding gymnasium, Liverpool University: a part of the student union building

RIBA76466Waynflete Building, Magdalen College, Oxford: the south-west street elevation

RIBA76467Waynflete Building, Magdalen College, Oxford: the main entrance

RIBA76468Waynflete Building, Magdalen College, Oxford; the riverside block and terrace

RIBA77713Wadham College, Oxford

RIBA83066View of Old Schools, the Senate House and Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge

RIBA83067View of the former University Library (now the Cockerell Building), Cambridge, under construction

RIBA84041View over Oxford


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