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RIBA86746Wolfson College, Oxford, seen from the River Cherwell

RIBA86747Wolfson College, Oxford, seen from the bridge over the River Cherwell

RIBA86748Wolfson College, Oxford, seen from the Riiver Cherwell

RIBA86750Wolfson College, Oxford, seen from the River Cherwell

RIBA86753Wolfson College, Oxford, seen from the River Cherwell

RIBA86755Wolfson College, Oxford, looking towards the River Cherwell

RIBA86759Wolfson College, Oxford, looking across the grassed courtyard

RIBA86765Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation showing the study bedrooms nearing completion

RIBA86766Wolfson College, Oxford: an entrance to one of the blocks

RIBA86767Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86768Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation with the study bedrooms

RIBA86769Wolfson College, Oxford: elevation showing the study bedroom nearing completion

RIBA86770Wolfson College, Oxford: detail of the facade showing the study bedroom balconies

RIBA86771Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86772Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86773Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86774Wolfson College, Oxford, nearing completion

RIBA86775Wolfson College, Oxford: looking into the linked courtyards

RIBA86776Wolfson College, Oxford: the covered walkway

RIBA86777Wolfson College, Oxford: detail of a stair rail

RIBA86780Wolfson College, Oxford: the entrance gateway and lodge

RIBA86782Wolfson College, Oxford: the dining hall

RIBA86786Wolfson College, Oxford: looking onto the grassed courtyard and the River Cherwell from one of the glazed balconies

RIBA86787Wolfson College, Oxford: one of the study bedrooms


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