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RIBA4335Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh: Debating Chamber

RIBA4339Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA9828Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

RIBA42700Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London: window overlooking Hungerford Bridge with the Houses of Parliament in the background

RIBA45367Reichstag, Berlin: the walkway inside the dome

RIBA45368Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

RIBA45369Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

RIBA53363Revised competition designs for the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: north elevation and south elevation

RIBA53367Revised competition designs for the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: west elevation

RIBA53577Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

RIBA53578Reichstag, Berlin: the mirrored cone

RIBA53759Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh: Debating Chamber

RIBA53761Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA53762Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA62199Roofline of the Houses of Parliament with the Marsham Street blocks for the Department of the Environment in the background, London

RIBA92025Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh: detail of facade

RIBA92026Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA92027Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA92852Reichstag, Berlin: the walkway inside the dome

RIBA105810Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA105812Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA105813Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA105814Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

RIBA105815Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh


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