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RIBA5498Via dell'Abbondanza, Pompeii: fountain

RIBA5520Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA5695Viale delle Cento Fontane, Villa d'Este, Tivoli

RIBA5775Trocadero Palace, Paris

RIBA9295Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA10207Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA12372Two fountains, Damascus

RIBA13888Unidentified fountain, United States

RIBA14074Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA23057United States Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the view across the forecourt with the oval pool containing a mobile by Alexander Calder

RIBA23058United States Pavilion by night, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels

RIBA24202Townhouse extension in Leinster Terrace, Bayswater, London: the study bedroom with sliding doors opening onto the patio garden

RIBA25079Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA27967Vennerbrunnen,Rathausplatz, Bern

RIBA29597Town Square, Rothenburg: view of the Rathaus (Town Hall) with the St George Fountain seen in the foreground

RIBA50608Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA53330Turkish Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the restaurant building

RIBA56187United States Embassy, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London: the main lobby with travertine-lined pool and fountain seen from the consular side

RIBA60037Union Buildings, Pretoria: inner court

RIBA60039Union Buildings, Pretoria: inner court

RIBA74474Town Hall, Hilversum

RIBA90975United States Post Office, 1300 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Miami: the central rotunda

RIBA112942Trevi Fountain, Rome

RIBA126594Two designs for pedestals and an engraving of an unidentified design for a fountain pasted to the sheet


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