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RIBA26363Hallfield Estate, Bishop's Bridge Road, Paddington, London: detail of the facade of an eight-storey block

RIBA69949Haggerston Station, Hackney, London

RIBA69950Haggerston Station, Hackney, London

RIBA73302Habitat warehouse, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

RIBA73303Habitat warehouse, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

RIBA73307Habitat warehouse, Wallingford, Oxfordshire: detail of the stairs on one of the elevations

RIBA88867Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88868Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88870Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London: corner detail showing concrete finish

RIBA88871Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88872Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London: detail of west facade showing concrete cladding

RIBA88873Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88876Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88877Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88878Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London

RIBA88882Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London: detail of the facade

RIBA88885Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London: detail of the new bridge connecting the 1902 and 1910 blocks

RIBA88888Hampstead School, Westbere Road, London: detail of the courtyard steps

RIBA104016Hallmead Day Centre, London: the main entrance

RIBA104017Hallmead Day Centre, Sutton, London: the main entrance

RIBA104018Hallmead Day Centre, London: window and cladding detail

RIBA104019Hallmead Day Centre, London: one of the entrances

RIBA104020Hallmead Day Centre, Sutton, London: detail of the door and cladding

RIBA104021Hallmead Day Centre, Sutton, London: detail of the cladding and inset windows


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