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RIBA6618Wirework edging and an example of a stonework vase on an appropriate pedestal for the garden

RIBA8163Zwinger Palace and Sophien Kirche, Dresden

RIBA8402William Lisle Bowles's vicarage and gardens, now Bremhill Court, Bremhill, Wiltshire: the fountain

RIBA17795Wilhelma, Stuttgart: a pavilion through which the Moorish Banqueting Hall is visible

RIBA17797Wilhelma, Stuttgart: general view

RIBA17798Wilhelma, Stuttgart: the interior courtyard of the Moorish Villa

RIBA21311Yeni Cami, mosque and tomb of the Sultana Valide, Istanbul: view of the courtyard and ablutions fountain

RIBA25764Water parterres, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire: close-up of the retaining wall with cascades and caryatids

RIBA31331Yorkshire Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition, York: view of the exhibition building

RIBA32819Wilbury (Wilberry) House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire: elevation of the entrance facade

RIBA45107Water fountain, Pompeii

RIBA49690Witley Court, Great Witley, Worcestershire: Perseus and Andromeda (or Poseidon) Fountain with the south front of the derelict house in the background

RIBA72834Windmill Press, Kingswood, Surrey: the courtyard fountain

RIBA91243Yeni Cami (Mosque), Istanbul: the courtyard with the ablutions fountain

RIBA91245Yeni Cami (Mosque), Istanbul: the ablutions fountain

RIBA114842Wurzburg Residence, Wurzburg: the entrance forecourt with fountain

RIBA114852Wurzburg Residence, Wurzburg: the central entrance block with the fountain in front

RIBA114853Wurzburg Residence, Wurzburg: the main entrance with the fountain in front

RIBA114854Wurzburg Residence, Wurzburg: the fountain in the cour d'honneur


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