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RIBA4477Shops and apartments, 176-9 Street / 176-2 Street, Asmara: the staircase

RIBA4478Capitol Cinema (formerly Cinema Augustus), Denden Street, Asmara

RIBA4479Ministry of Trade and Industry, Asmara

RIBA4480Shops and apartments in former Adua Square, Nafka Avenue / Keren Street, Asmara

RIBA4481Workshop and service station (formerly Fiat Tagliero service station), Mereb Street / Sematat Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4482Residence of the Italian Ambassador (formerly Viceroy's residence), Villa Quarter, Asmara

RIBA4483Staircase, Asmara

RIBA4484Catholic cathedral and Harnet Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4485Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: looking across the entrance hall towards the name indicator board

RIBA4486Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: the Bryanston Street elevation

RIBA4487Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: customers' lounge with public telephones and lifts

RIBA4488Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: detail of one of the spiral ramps

RIBA4489Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: the petrol station

RIBA4490Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: a typical floor

RIBA4491Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: corner of a typical floor

RIBA4493Model of unexecuted project for the Department of Zoology, Oxford

RIBA4494Model of unexecuted project for the Department of Zoology, Oxford

RIBA4495Model of unexecuted project for the Department of Zoology, Oxford

RIBA4496Playing football, Avebury, WIltshire

RIBA4497Roadside advertising for Olivetti sales, Rome

RIBA4498Pirelli advertising along the Milan-Turin autostrada

RIBA4499British Library, 96 Euston Road, St Pancras, London: glimpse through the main portico entrance into the main courtyard of the sculpture depicting Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi

RIBA4500Holloway Prison, London: C Wing, 'the black cathedral'

RIBA4501Parliament Hill Lido, Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead, London: the main entrance on Gordon House Road


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