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RIBA4475Cinema Roma, Sematat Avenue / 171-4 Street, Asmara

RIBA4476Silicon Factory (formerly Agenzia Lancia), Tegadelti Street, Asmara

RIBA4477Shops and apartments, 176-9 Street / 176-2 Street, Asmara: the staircase

RIBA4478Capitol Cinema (formerly Cinema Augustus), Denden Street, Asmara

RIBA4479Ministry of Trade and Industry, Asmara

RIBA4480Shops and apartments in former Adua Square, Nafka Avenue / Keren Street, Asmara

RIBA4481Workshop and service station (formerly Fiat Tagliero service station), Mereb Street / Sematat Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4482Residence of the Italian Ambassador (formerly Viceroy's residence), Villa Quarter, Asmara

RIBA4483Staircase, Asmara

RIBA4484Catholic cathedral and Harnet Avenue, Asmara

RIBA4485Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: looking across the entrance hall towards the name indicator board

RIBA4486Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: the Bryanston Street elevation

RIBA4487Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: customers' lounge with public telephones and lifts

RIBA4488Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: detail of one of the spiral ramps

RIBA4489Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: the petrol station

RIBA4490Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: a typical floor

RIBA4491Cumberland Garage, Marble Arch, London: corner of a typical floor

RIBA4496Playing football, Avebury, WIltshire

RIBA4497Roadside advertising for Olivetti sales, Rome

RIBA4498Pirelli advertising along the Milan-Turin autostrada

RIBA4499British Library, 96 Euston Road, St Pancras, London: glimpse through the main portico entrance into the main courtyard of the sculpture depicting Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi

RIBA4500Holloway Prison, London: C Wing, 'the black cathedral'

RIBA4501Parliament Hill Lido, Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead, London: the main entrance on Gordon House Road

RIBA4502Ffynone, Dyfed, Pembrokeshire: view of the reconstruction


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