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RIBA9788Hard Rock casino and hotel, Las Vegas

RIBA14498Model of the logo for the building works manufacturer G.L. Wilson

RIBA19008Furniture shop

RIBA19326Gondolas moored on a canal in Venice

RIBA19328Main road passing through a small town

RIBA24207Martini warehouse, formerly Henly's car showroom and service station, Great West Road, Brentford, London

RIBA33073Mackintosh's Toffee Kiosk for the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley, London

RIBA42391Fred Bason on a postcard sent to Edwin Smith

RIBA42428Map of the North Atlantic with model airplane, pair of compasses, compass and headphones

RIBA43252Hotel Belmont, 251 South Hill, Los Angeles

RIBA44769Festival Garden with advertising hoardings disguising a bomb site, Strand, London

RIBA44940Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition bus: the reception bureau on the lower deck of a bus

RIBA50331Manor House London Underground Station, Hackney, London: newsagent's kiosk in the ticket hall

RIBA50357Gants Hill London Underground Station, Redbridge, London: entrance to platform from concourse

RIBA58184Orchard Theatre, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent: the canopied entrance

RIBA58540Housing, Chantry Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, seen from a nearby road

RIBA59594Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, under construction, London: the arrival of the girders in May 1937

RIBA59619Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, under construction, London: the girder structure of the tower seen from the square in July 1937

RIBA81729Fawcett's advertisment

RIBA81831Holford Square, Finsbury, London: wall posters advertising the construction of new flats

RIBA113076Neon signs, Rome, at night

RIBA113077Neon signs, Rome, at night

RIBA113078Neon signs, via Veneto, Rome, at night

RIBA113079Neon signs, via Veneto, Rome, at night


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