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6 Bacon's Lane, Highgate, LondonRIBA75384

6 Colleton Crescent, ExeterRIBA18097

6 Temple Gardens, Moor Park, Hertfordshire: the nursery balcony on the second floorRIBA64990

62 avenue Foch, NancyRIBA101909

64 Heath Drive, Gidea Park: view from the gardenRIBA28071

69 avenue Foch, Nancy: detail of balconiesRIBA101903

69 avenue Foch, Nancy: detail of balconiesRIBA101902

69 avenue Foch, Nancy: detail of balconiesRIBA101901

7 Bartholomew Terrace, ExeterRIBA18095

8 Ashley Close, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: the first floor balconyRIBA52760

85, 87, 89 and 91 Genesta Road, Greenwich, LondonRIBA28060

9 Wilberforce Road, CambridgeRIBA46829

9 Wilberforce Road, CambridgeRIBA46830

9 Wilberforce Road, CambridgeRIBA46831

9 Wilberforce Road, CambridgeRIBA46833

92 bis quai Claude-Le-Lorraine, NancyRIBA101972

92 bis quai Claude-Le-Lorraine, Nancy: detail of upper balconyRIBA101978

96-99 Mount Street, Mayfair, LondonRIBA61689

97 rue Charles III, NancyRIBA101951

97 rue Charles III, NancyRIBA101952

97 rue Charles III, Nancy: detail of the upper balconyRIBA101946

97 rue Charles III, Nancy: detail of the upper balconyRIBA101945

A four-bedroom house, Holtspur, Beaconsfield, BuckinghamshireRIBA51581

A residential tower blockRIBA63033


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