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RIBA10751Glasgow Cathedral: the east end

RIBA13507Duomo, Milan: close-up of the roof with its flying buttresses and groves of spires

RIBA13516Duomo, Milan: close-up of the roof with its flying buttresses and the central Madonnina spire

RIBA13573Duomo seen from Piazza del Duomo, Milan

RIBA14051Duomo, Milan

RIBA18044Daneway House, Sapperton: part of the west front

RIBA27521Grain stores in the town walls above the River Vistula, Chelmno

RIBA29323Design for a Gothic fountain incorporating flying buttresses

RIBA35841Design for the Church of All Saints, Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire: east elevation with transverse section and details of buttresses

RIBA39710Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: the dormitories

RIBA40457Extension of the Cemetery of San Michele, Venice: an entrance to the extension facing the buttresses of the church of San Michele

RIBA42927Horsforth Comprehensive School, Leeds, West Yorkshire: part of the east elevation showing the mono-pitch buttress forms

RIBA47415Durham Cathedral: blind arcading on the west front of the Galilee Chapel

RIBA49036Infirmary, Clare Priory, Suffolk

RIBA49037Infirmary, Clare Priory, Suffolk

RIBA49162Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: a corner of the Old Court

RIBA53362Designs for St Stephen's Porch, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: pinnacles to buttress of the west front

RIBA60991Duomo, Milan: close-up of the roof with its flying buttresses and groves of spires

RIBA60992Duomo, Milan: close-up of a side of the cathedral

RIBA63088Commonwealth Institute, Kensington, London: one of the two supporting columns

RIBA67086Design for the Palace of Westminster, London: detail of buttress

RIBA68240Design for a stove and flue incorporated in a buttress: plan, elevation and section

RIBA100871Examples of French Gothic architecture construction including; A) Roman wall system; B) Gothic wall system; C) constructive principles of the medieval church; D) flying buttress, (Amiens); E) flyiing buttress (Reims); F) transverse section of a typical Gothic cathedral (Amiens): diagrams, axonometric and section

RIBA100875Examples of French Gothic architecture and architectural features: diagrams, plans and perspectives


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