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RIBA13567Cathedral of Notre Dame, Noyon: the cloisters

RIBA14154Cardiff Castle: the 'Elijah' cloister

RIBA19576Chester Cathedral, Cheshire: the cloister

RIBA26834Canterbury Cathedral: a walk of the Great Cloister with lierne vaults decorated with heraldic bosses

RIBA27370Cathedral of St Etienne, Cahors: the nave seen from the cloisters

RIBA27371Cathedral of St Etienne, Cahors: the cloister vaulting

RIBA27407Cathedral of Notre Dame du Puy, Le Puy-en-Velay, Auvergne: capital and arch detail of the cloisters

RIBA32498Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria de la Defension, Jerez: study of tiles with a sketched perspective of the cloisters

RIBA45097Certosa di San Martino, Naples: sculptural decoration on the balustrade of the monks' cemetery in the main cloister

RIBA45098Certosa di San Martino, Naples: arcade in the main cloister

RIBA48545Canterbury Cathedral: the Great Cloister

RIBA48548Canterbury Cathedral: the Great Cloister

RIBA61151Cathedral (Munster), Basel: the cloisters

RIBA74142Canterbury Cathedral: the Great Cloister

RIBA91486Certosa di Ferrara: the cloisters

RIBA91862Certosa di Ferrara: the church of San Cristoforo and cemetery

RIBA93074Chiostro delle Clarisse, Santa Chiara, Naples: detail of the fountain surrounded by majolica tiles

RIBA93075Chiostro delle Clarisse, Santa Chiara, Naples: the colonnades with tiled benches

RIBA100013Canterbury Cathedral: a corner of the cloister

RIBA100014Canterbury Cathedral: the Great Cloister

RIBA100141Canterbury Cathedral: a corner of the cloister

RIBA100142Canterbury Cathedral: the Norman doorway inside the cloister

RIBA100346Cathedrale of St Eulalie, Elne: the cloisters

RIBA100347Cathedrale of St Eulalie, Elne: detail of the cloisters


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