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RIBA4243Burevestnik Workers' Club (now Club DK), Moscow

RIBA7337Cafe Pschorr, Coolsingel, Rotterdam

RIBA9806Canary Wharf and the Millennium Dome seen at dusk from The Thames Barrier, London

RIBA15424Circus performance at Astley's Amphitheatre, Westminster Bridge Road, London

RIBA16284Cirque Napoleon, Paris

RIBA16285Cirque Napoleon, Paris: section

RIBA16299Circus, Cairo: section, plan and details

RIBA19044Clevedon collapsing pier and pavilion

RIBA19308Clubhouse for AMILA, Tremezzo, Lake Como

RIBA30681Circus on the via Appia, Rome

RIBA30759Circul de Stat, Bucharest: the state circus

RIBA35180Casino Mocenigo, Murano, Venice: elevation of waterfront

RIBA42403Circus acrobatic troop

RIBA42404Circus horses and trainer

RIBA42405Circus riders

RIBA46465Burj Khalifa, Dubai, under construction

RIBA52675Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the snack bar foyer

RIBA52680Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the spiral staircase spiralling round its central reinforced concrete support

RIBA52681Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the split-level bar with billiards tables

RIBA55507Bullring (Plaza de Toros), Ronda

RIBA101229Cirque d'Hiver, rue Amelot, Paris

RIBA101230Cirque d'Hiver, rue Amelot, Paris

RIBA101231Cirque d'Hiver, rue Amelot, Paris

RIBA101232Cirque d'Hiver, rue Amelot, Paris


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