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RIBA5265Cardiff Castle: Winter Smoking Room

RIBA5266Cardiff Castle: Summer Smoking Room

RIBA5267Cardiff Castle: Summer Smoking Room

RIBA5268Cardiff Castle: bedroom in the tower

RIBA9846Casa Batllo, 43 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

RIBA11840Campanile and Watch House seen from the estuary banks, Portmeirion

RIBA11844Campanile and Prior's Lodging, Portmeirion

RIBA13402Capriccio entitled 'Design for a Monument to Commemorate the Passing of the Good Old Days of Architecture'

RIBA19148Ca' d'Zan, The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota Bay

RIBA20053Capriccio entitled 'Architectural List' showing decayed Victorian buildings with a large domed tower leaning perilously in the distance

RIBA20054Capriccio entitled 'The Shed' showing a colossal ruined arcade dwarfing a small wooden shed, with a circular gothic baptistery and a distant hill town beyond

RIBA20055Capriccio entitled 'The Abbey' showing a small suburban villa standing in the shadow of a large imaginary industrial building

RIBA21192Capriccio of classical ruins and monuments, including three monumental arches, a rotunda, a pyramid and a single column

RIBA22701Capriccio entitled 'The Arcade' showing a Gothic arcade of monumental proportions surmounted and surrounded by a profusion of structures including houses, churches and ruined columns

RIBA22702Capriccio entitled 'The Gateway, Imaginary Scene' showing a castellated Gothic gateway with a large country house in the distance

RIBA24779Butlins holiday camp, Filey, Yorkshire: close-up of the Old Boot in the children's amusement park

RIBA34637Capriccio of a romantic landscape showing a castle with a distant city set on the banks of a river

RIBA35909Capriccio entitled 'The Hoist' showing the ruins of huge masonry arches supporting a complex of small decayed structures with a domed basilica in the distance

RIBA35910Capriccio, entitled 'Furtiss's Underground' showing the ruins of Gothic and classical buildings with a church spire in the distance and smoke or steam emanating from small structure in the foreground

RIBA35911Capriccio, entitled 'The Concrete Pipe' showing a huge industrial pipe set in a fantastical landscape of gothic ruins

RIBA49275Cardiff Castle: the Summer Smoking Room in the clock tower

RIBA70822Casa Batllo, 43 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

RIBA70823Casa Batllo, 43 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

RIBA99655Capriccio entitled 'The City'


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