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RIBA8278Ashburnham Place, East Sussex: the 19th century garden

RIBA8282Ashburnham Place, East Sussex: the kitchen garden with the house in the background

RIBA9175Audley End, Essex

RIBA10028Badminton House, Gloucestershire

RIBA11738Bantry House, County Cork: terrace overlooking Bantry Bay

RIBA11739Bantry House, County Cork: steps leading to terraced gardens

RIBA11740Bantry House, County Cork: the south front seen from the terraced gardens with Bantry Bay in the background

RIBA14901Belton House, Lincolnshire: the north front seen from the garden

RIBA17898Avisfield, Cramond Road North, Edinburgh: view of patio and court

RIBA18144Bagatelle Cottage, Wood Lane, Chippenham

RIBA18253Avisfield, Cramond Road North, Edinburgh: the enclosed garden court seen from just inside the gate

RIBA25860Arundell Clarke weekend cottage, Stand 199, Woman's Fair, Olympia, London: the enclosed garden

RIBA26293Avisfield, Cramond Road North, Edinburgh: elevated view of the house from the south

RIBA36468Ardenrun Place, Blindley Heath, Crowhurst, Surrey: perspective view of the garden front

RIBA42439Back-street garden, Camden Town, London

RIBA46394Baroda House, Kensington Palace Gardens, London: the arcade and courtyard garden

RIBA46396Baroda House, Kensington Palace Gardens, London: the courtyard garden and arcade

RIBA49756Backs of Victorian terraced housing

RIBA53665Austrian Parliament Building (Reichsratsgebaude), Vienna

RIBA59849Barbican Estate, City of London: lakeside garden and terrace under construction

RIBA77524Avisfield, Cramond Road North, Edinburgh: the courtyard seen from the north-east corner with the garage and entrance gate on the right

RIBA83824Bath Hotel, Bath Assembly Rooms and pleasure gardens, Tynemouth: perspective

RIBA94418Barbican Estate, City of London: perspective showing some of the garden layout including the pyramidal conservatory and ornamental water gardens

RIBA103214Artists' houses and studios, St Peter's Wharf, Hammersmith, London: a paved garden area


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