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RIBA23570Birmingham Hospitals Centre: staircase in the medical school

RIBA23563Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the administration block

RIBA23577Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the boiler house

RIBA23566Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the centre court

RIBA23567Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the clock tower of the administration block

RIBA23572Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the kitchen in the administration block

RIBA23575Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the lecture theatre in the nurses' home

RIBA23569Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the main staircases in the nurses' home

RIBA23565Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the medical school

RIBA23568Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the museum in the medical school

RIBA23564Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the nurses' home

RIBA23576Birmingham Hospitals Centre: the staff nurses' sitting room and writing bay in the nurses' home

RIBA56366Boiler House, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

RIBA56365Boiler House, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh: the south-west elevation

RIBA39909Boiler Suit, Guy's Approaches, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London

RIBA39910Boiler Suit, Guy's Approaches, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London

RIBA39908Boiler Suit, Guy's Approaches, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London : close-up of the curvaceous entrance structure in tiles of woven stainless steel braid

RIBA39907Boiler Suit, Guy's Approaches, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London: detail of the curved tiles of woven stainless steel braid

RIBA4185Bridget Riley and John Weeks with Riley's murals, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London

RIBA30698Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol: perspective view of proposed new surgical pavilions, operating theatres and casualty department

RIBA58684Bristol Royal Infirmary, Maudlin Street, Bristol

RIBA19282Bruno Granelli Institute of Medical Pathology, University of Milan: the main facade

RIBA89386Bulfinch Pavilion and Ether Dome, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beacon Hill, Boston, Massuchusetts

RIBA88166Cannock Community Hospital, West Midlands: detail of corner overhang


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