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RIBA12710Design for alterations to the gatehouse of Plas Brondanw, Llanfrothen, Gwynedd

RIBA19506Design for a summer house or lodge: elevation, section and plan

RIBA19510Design for a summer house: elevation, section and plan

RIBA19687Design for a park lodge and gates

RIBA20181Design for a lodge or cottage in a park: elevation showing the entrance porch

RIBA21488Design for an entrance gateway and lodges, Blackadder House, Berwickshire: elevation and plan

RIBA22032Design for a new entrance lodge, Crichel House, Moor Crichel, Dorset: contract elevations, sections and plans

RIBA29457Design for a villa or lodge featuring an arcaded loggia and a steeply pitched roof

RIBA29458Design for a villa or lodge featuring a central dome and an arcaded loggia

RIBA29480Design for a lodge, Peamore House, Alphington, Devon: perspective

RIBA31610Design for a lodge: perspective, elevation and plans

RIBA36669Design for a lodge, Barningham Hall, Matlask, Norfolk: perspective view

RIBA37798Design for a lodge or cottage: elevation and plans

RIBA65327Design for a lodge, Barningham Hall, Matlask, Norfolk: plan

RIBA65339Design for a lodge, Danson House, Bexleyheath, London: perspective

RIBA65393Design for a lodge, Blaise Castle, Henbury: plan, elevations and perspective

RIBA66336Design for a proposed lodge at Derry Hill for Bowood House, Wiltshire: plan and elevation

RIBA67282Design for a single-storey cottage or lodge for Mr Driver: elevation

RIBA67283Design for a small, octagonal single-storey lodge or cottage with Gothick windows and a pitched roof: plan and elevation

RIBA95386Design for a lodge intended to be the entrance to an estate: plan and perspective

RIBA96553Design for a park entrance and keeper's lodge

RIBA96557Design for a park entrance with lodges: elevation and detail of gate pier

RIBA96598Design for a lodge, Audley End, Essex: plan and elevation

RIBA98545Design for a thatched lodge, Fonthill Estate, Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire, for Alfred Morrison: elevation to the street


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