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RIBA14160RMS Orcades III: the first-class lounge with its mural 'The County of Essex in the Autumn' by Edward Bawden

RIBA14161RMS Orcades III: the bar

RIBA14172RMS Orcades II: grille door to ship's side entrance

RIBA14173RMS Orcades II: the main staircase

RIBA14174RMS Orcades II: the first-class lounge with mural by John Armstrong and carpet and fabrics by Marion Dorn

RIBA14175RMS Orcades II: end of the first-class lounge with carpets and curtains by Marion Dorn

RIBA14176RMS Orcades II: the first-class dining saloon

RIBA14177RMS Orcades II: the library with carpet designed by Marion Dorn

RIBA14178RMS Orcades II: the first-class cafe with glass decorative scheme by F. H. Coventry

RIBA14184RMS Orcades II: the first-class dining saloon with glass and metal wall decoration by Ceri Richards

RIBA14191RMS Orion: corner of the first-class lounge

RIBA17071RMS Orion

RIBA18411RMS Mauretania: Cabin Class Grand Hall designed to serve three different functions: a Lounge, Cinema Theatre or Ballroom

RIBA18412RMS Mauretania: detail of special State Room

RIBA18413RMS Mauretania: a lounge bar

RIBA18414RMS Mauretania: an upper deck lounge

RIBA23776RMS Orion in dock

RIBA23781RMS Orion: close-up of the upper deck showing funnel and lifeboats

RIBA23784RMS Orion: a lounge

RIBA72639RMS Orion

RIBA72641RMS Orion: a corner of the swimming pool

RIBA72642RMS Orion: a lamp fitting in one of the lounges

RIBA72645RMS Orion: a first-class cabin

RIBA72646RMS Orion: a first-class cabin


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