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RIBA2668-15Financial Times Print Works, 240 East India Dock Road, London

RIBA11894Forsyth House, Cromarty

RIBA18859Fragments of decoration, Pompeii

RIBA18922Example of arabesque decoration

RIBA18923Example of arabesque decoration

RIBA18924Example of arabesque decoration

RIBA19494Dome of Discovery, Festival of Britain, South Bank, London: detail of external supporting structure

RIBA19693House in the Grecian style, Cornwall

RIBA26971Eigen Haard housing, Hembrugstraat, Amsterdam: entrance to 210-217

RIBA32647Four decorative floral and foliate pattern designs for Tower House, Melbury Road, Kensington, London

RIBA32963Four symmetrical pattern designs, possibly for decorative book bindings

RIBA35741Designs forClaremont House, Esher, Surrey, for Robert Clive ('Clive of India'): part plan of a ceiling

RIBA35985Designs for stair carpet decorative borders

RIBA38262Four garden plans

RIBA38289Geometrical study: flattened form constructed of numbered and lettered triangles

RIBA38290Geometrical study: diagram showing a three-dimensional star shape constructed from folded triangular forms

RIBA38301Human figure (also known as the Vitruvian Man) with arms and legs outstretched, positioned within a square and circle representing the centre of 'cosmic geometry'

RIBA38314Geometric diagrams illustrating rudimentary shapes including triangles, a rhombus and an irregular shape

RIBA38315Geometric diagrams illustrating shapes including a circle, semi-circle and square

RIBA38316Geometric diagrams illustrating rudimentary angles and shapes including circles within squares

RIBA38317Geometric diagrams illustrating angles and triangular shapes

RIBA38318Geometric diagrams illustrating angles with triangular, semi-circular and square shapes

RIBA38319Geometric diagram illustrating the angles and proportions of a pedimented doorway

RIBA85657Geometrical figures demonstrating the way to calculate the area of polyhedra


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