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RIBA14335Cock Rock, Croyde, Devon, showing in the foreground the loggia leading to the workroom

RIBA14336Cock Rock, Croyde, Devon: seaward elevation

RIBA14334Cock Rock, Croyde, Devon: the doorway leading to the central loggia

RIBA15619Cock Rock, Croyde: the entrance and gate to shore

RIBA31449Contract design for a thatched house, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire: elevations, sections and plans

RIBA18183Cottage in Friar Waddon, near Weymouth

RIBA49248Cottage in Linton, Cambridgeshire: detail of the thatched roof and dormer window

RIBA18195Cottage in Winterborne Stickland, Dorset

RIBA11746Cottage near Lisdoonvanna, County Clare

RIBA103740Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire

RIBA103737Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire

RIBA103744Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire: detail of the thatched roof and windows

RIBA103751Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire: the extension looking towards the older building with the sunblinds

RIBA103749Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire: the extension showing the conservatory and first-floor with the sunblinds

RIBA103741Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire: the extension with the sunblinds

RIBA103742Cottage, Little Shoddesdon, Kimpton, Hampshire: the extension without the sunblinds

RIBA9688Cottage, Oughterard

RIBA6567Cottage, Wain Street, Herefordshire

RIBA6562Cottage, Welcombe: thatching

RIBA38992Cottages with half thatch and tile roofs with dormers, Newport, Essex

RIBA42187Cottages, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

RIBA3513-62Cottages, Cherhill, Wiltshire

RIBA61205Cottages, Westport, County Mayo

RIBA18034Cow shed in Eastleach, Gloucestershire, possibly part of Sheepbridge Hill Farm


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