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223a-229 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7780

231-237 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7781

244-264 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7810

255-263 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7784

26 Tredegar Square, Mile End, LondonRIBA47710

26-32 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7795

265-273 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7785

266-270 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7811

272-284 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7812

27-29 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7766

275-287 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7786

286-294 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7813

289-295 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7787

296-304 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7814

304-314 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7815

319 Regent Street and 14-15 Langham Place, LondonRIBA7789

32-34 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7796

33 and 34 Moray Place, New Town, EdinburghRIBA10802

4 and 5 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, London: the garden elevationRIBA10982

4 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, LondonRIBA6037

41 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, LondonRIBA6036

42-45 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London: the west side of the squareRIBA26519

44-48 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7797

45-63 Regent Street, LondonRIBA7769


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