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RIBA7345Constitution Arch, Hyde Park Corner, London

RIBA13576Castel Nuovo, Naples: Triumphal Arch of Alfonso di Aragona

RIBA16362Design for a triumphal arch

RIBA19698Arco di Giove Ammone near Sant'Eufemia, Verona

RIBA20954Design for a large town house or public building featuring a projecting central pedimented feature with a triumphal arch in the background

RIBA22680Arco delle Scalette (degli Scalinetti), Vicenza

RIBA22691Arco delle Scalette, Vicenza (degli Scalinetti): elevation and plan featuring a carved, winged lion

RIBA22987Design for a triumphal arch at Cheapside near Wood Street, City of London, entitled 'Temple of Concord', to be erected for the coronation of Charles II

RIBA22988Design for a triumphal arch at Fleet Street near Whitefriars, City of London, entitled 'Garden of Plenty', to be erected for the coronation of Charles II

RIBA31255Design for a stage set featuring a curved screen with a central triumphal archway and a fountain beyond

RIBA31547Arrival of Queen Victoria in Aberdeen: perspective view showing crowds of onlookers on the quayside welcoming the Queen as she disembarks from a paddle steamer and enters the city through a triumphal arch

RIBA32253Arco Valaresso, Padua: elevation

RIBA35869Design for a screen in the form of a triumphal arch: elevation

RIBA36016Design for a scheme for the improvement of Marble Arch, London: block plan

RIBA36369Codex Rootstein-Hopkins drawing reconstructions of ancient Roman buildings: Arch of Titus, the Forum, Rome, front elevation

RIBA36370Codex Rootstein-Hopkins drawing reconstructions of ancient Roman buildings: (left) Arch of Titus, the Forum, Rome, section and details; (right) Arch of Janus Quadrifrons, Rome, plan and detail

RIBA37048Architectural composition: a capriccio with the Maison Carree, a triumphal column, the tomb of Minerva Medica and the arch of Constantine behind the Temple of Vesta

RIBA37813Design for a triumphal arch

RIBA37887Composition of Roman temples, triumphal arches and other monuments

RIBA49842Demolition of the Euston Arch nearing completion, Euston Station, London

RIBA65889Composition with a classical colonnade, rotunda and obelisk in the background and a triumphal arch and figures in the foreground

RIBA66413Design for a colossal Doric triumphal arch inscribed "Reward of ?Merit", with a hippodrome visible in the background

RIBA85428Church of the Eremitani, Padua: elevation of the funerary monument to Marco Mantova Benavides (left) and Palazzo Mantova Benavides, Padua: elevation of the triumphal arch in the courtyard with plan (right)

RIBA95434Arco dei Gavi, Verona: perspective


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