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RIBA14032Idol cart with stone wheels, Banashankari

RIBA25554House fire engine, Croft Castle, Herefordshire

RIBA25687Hazelbadge Hall Farm, Bradwell, Derbyshire

RIBA38568Horse and trap in the environs of St Paul's, City of London

RIBA39511Lorries climbing the Volchefit Pass

RIBA42348Guildhall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne with horse driven carts

RIBA42360Houses on Heber Road, Cricklewood, London

RIBA51935George Lane, City of London

RIBA56313Heston and Isleworth central fire and ambulance station, London: the engine-house

RIBA58945Kingsway at Holborn Station, London

RIBA62151London ambulance man on the radio-phone at the scene of a traffic accident

RIBA62234Lorries carrying freight on a bridge over an unused canal

RIBA62247Lorries queuing in the docks, Liverpool

RIBA62248Lorries queuing in the docks, Liverpool

RIBA62249Lorries queuing in the docks, Liverpool

RIBA62555Hewlett Packard factory, South Queensferry

RIBA62621John & Wood Ltd pie manufacturers Morris Minor delivery van stopping by at a factory, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

RIBA62654Managers discussing the motorized scooter for moving around the warehouse with forklift truck operator looking on

RIBA68869Indigent Blind School at St George's Fields, Southwark, London, with the obelisk, erected in 1771 at St George's Circus, which was used as a milestone

RIBA69422Habitat warehouse, Wallingford, Oxfordshire: the loading area

RIBA73310Habitat warehouse, Wallingford, Oxfordshire: the loading area with the Habitat vans

RIBA75602H. J. Heinz Company Ltd factory, Wigan: the loading bay area

RIBA77501Holidaymakers arriving at Butlins, Filey, North Yorkshire

RIBA88815Hyde Park Corner, London, with screen by Decimus Burton in the background


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