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RIBA87833Bowater-Scott Paper Mill, Northfleet, Kent: the pool in the courtyard of the Engineering Division

RIBA23030British Government Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the main entrance to the Crystalline Hall

RIBA34548British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: close-up of the ornamental lake and fountain in front of the water wall

RIBA34535British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: close-up of the water wall and ornamental lake

RIBA34549British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: detail of the steel trusses supporting the water wall

RIBA34541British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: oblique view of the water wall and ornamental lake

RIBA34547British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: the internal pool and water wall

RIBA34550British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville: the travelators above the internal pool

RIBA62002Brooke House, Town Square, Basildon, Essex

RIBA46004Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London: the shopping plaza seen from the south

RIBA46013Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London: the shopping plaza seen from the south

RIBA42908Burleigh County Secondary Modern School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire: internal courtyard with a pool used for biology

RIBA135209Camino Real Hotel, Ixtapa: loooking out to sea from one of the terraces

RIBA77731Canal feeding the cascade, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

RIBA11519Carlton Gardens, Westminster, London: the roof terrace

RIBA86132Carnatic House (dining hall), Carnatic Student Village, University of Liverpool: the dining hall block with stairs to the upper level

RIBA29538Carpenders Park School, Oxhey, Hertfordshire: designs for colour application to the exterior

RIBA33756Casa del Fascio, Lissone: the roof at the entrance to the Shrine of the Fallen

RIBA12903Casa del Poeta, Pompeii

RIBA77728Cascade pond, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

RIBA95469Cascade with fountains: perspective

RIBA5434Cascade, Portmeirion

RIBA86659Castle Howard, North Yorkshire: the south front with the Atlas Fountain in the foreground

RIBA8129Catholic Building, 1935 World's Fair, Brussels


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