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RIBA100667Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the mezzanine coffee shop

RIBA100669Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the reading room

RIBA100663Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the study area

RIBA17550Timber stacked on the quayside, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA29428View of an industrial dockside building possibly in London

RIBA29403View of dockside housing possibly in London

RIBA29441View of dockyard buildings

RIBA29429View of dockyard buildings, London

RIBA47650Warehouse, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA77506Warehouse, Albert Dock, Liverpool, with boat moored in front

RIBA77508Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA113442Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17280Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17540Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17545Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17547Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17549Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17542Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the cast-iron column supports with buoys in the foreground

RIBA17544Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the boundary wall and entrance gate


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