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RIBA18080Priest's House, Muchelney, Somerset

RIBA18081Stone cottage, Nunney, Somerset

RIBA18082Thatched cotttage in Selworthy, Somerset

RIBA18083Thatched cotttage in Selworthy, Somerset

RIBA18084Shockerwick House, Somerset, and its landscaped gardens

RIBA18085Tilley Manor House, West Harptree, Somerset

RIBA18086Montacute House, Somerset: the coat of arms on the west front porch

RIBA18087Montacute House, Somerset: the east front

RIBA18088Montacute House, Somerset: part of the east front

RIBA18089Montacute House, Somerset: part of the east front with one of the garden rotundas on the right

RIBA18090Montacute House, Somerset: one of the summer houses

RIBA18091Montacute House, Somerset: the garden and one of the summer houses seen from the entrance to the house

RIBA18092Montacute House, Somerset: the Hall

RIBA18093Montacute House, Somerset: the library door

RIBA19594Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: elevation and section of the south-west turret

RIBA19669Manor house, Claverton, Somerset: the staircase seen through the screen

RIBA20112Design for a pulpit, Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Wincanton, Somerset: plan and elevation

RIBA20117Design for Crispin Hall club and institute, High Street/Leigh Street, Street, Somerset

RIBA20168North Cadbury Court, Somerset: north elevation

RIBA20173Design for police cottages, Taunton, Somerset: plans and elevations

RIBA20232Design for a stained glass window featuring the Virgin and Child, for the Church of Saint George, Bicknoller, Somerset

RIBA20821Designs for equipment for the School of Design, Somerset House, Strand, London: front and side elevations of bankers for modellers and trestles in the Great Room

RIBA21376Study of a chimneypiece from the Lord's Waiting Room, Somerset House, Strand, London, prior to its demolition

RIBA21377Study of a chimneypiece from the Queen's Closet, Somerset House, Strand, London, prior to its demolition


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