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RIBA16014Windsor Castle

RIBA19592Warwick Castle: elevation, section and plans of Guy's Tower

RIBA19605Windsor Castle: the bell tower (Curfew Tower?)

RIBA19674Warwick Castle seen from the River Avon

RIBA21684Windsor Castle: design for the interior decoration of the Waterloo Chamber incorporating framed royal and military portraits

RIBA29130Warwick Castle: survey layout plan of the ground floor and surrounding grounds

RIBA42071Whittington Castle, Shropshire: the twin drum towers of the outer gatehouse

RIBA42114Warwick Castle seen from the bank of the River Avon

RIBA42169Windsor Castle seen from the Eton side of Windsor Town Bridge, Berkshire

RIBA47963Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, seen from Main Street

RIBA49689Windsor Castle and the town of Windsor, Berkshire

RIBA55303Vranov Castle: statue of Hercules and Antaeus in front of the residential wing

RIBA55304Vranov Castle: Hall of the Ancestors

RIBA60475Windsor Castle: completed steps from the East terrace to the East Lawn

RIBA60483Windsor Castle, seen from a private garden below the castle wall

RIBA60484Windsor Castle: a private garden with pergola below the castle wall

RIBA60485Windsor Castle: courtyard behind Norman gateway

RIBA83562Windsor Castle: perspective of King Henry III Tower showing the architects office and middle ward ramparts with the Winchester or Wickham Tower behind

RIBA84159Warwick Castle: the Great Hall

RIBA89169Windsor Castle: the Garter and Curfew Towers at the west end of the Lower Ward

RIBA89170Windsor Castle from Castle Hill

RIBA90885Walmer Castle, Kent

RIBA102058Walworth Castle, Walworth, County Durham

RIBA102059Walworth Castle, Walworth, County Durham


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