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RIBA6681St Andrew, East Hagbourne, Oxfordshire: corbel on the north chancel arch

RIBA6878St Andrew, Cullompton, Devon: the nave with the Lane Aisle on the far right

RIBA18697St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, Queen Victoria Street, City of London: the altar and pulpit

RIBA25948Sonderberg Castle Chapel, Island of Als, Jutland: the nave looking towards the central pulpit

RIBA25949Sonderberg Castle Chapel, Island of Als, Jutland: detail of the pulpit

RIBA26873Southwark Cathedral, London: the nave seen from the chancel

RIBA29278Spoleto Cathedral: perspective view of the baptistery and font with a priest kneeling before the altar in prayer

RIBA30389St Aengus's Roman Catholic Church, Burt, County Donegal: detail of the crucifix above the altar

RIBA35842St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire: designs for the cathedra (Bishop's throne)

RIBA36583Sketched details of Medieval painted fragments (possibly decorating an aumbry) depicting angels with incense censers

RIBA36980Sketchbook of designs: tabernacle frame, St Lawrence, Mereworth, Kent

RIBA58067St Agnes, St Agnes Place, Kennington, London: the nave looking towards the chancel screen

RIBA58099St Andrew the Apostle, Worthing, West Sussex: the choir

RIBA91969St Albans Cathedral: the reredos

RIBA93014SS Severino e Sossio, Naples: detail of the choir stalls

RIBA94050Sketches of flower heads; a relief carving from Fleet Church; detail of a door; an organ loft

RIBA94096Sketch of 'the staff of the Lord bishop of the isles where they eat one another' depicting St George killing the dragon

RIBA100008Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire: the choir

RIBA100009Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire: the choir

RIBA100010Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire: the lectern

RIBA100028St Andrew, Winterbourne Tomson, Dorset: the nave with its 18th century box pews

RIBA100069St Albans Cathedral: the choir

RIBA100070St Albans Cathedral: the choir

RIBA100071St Albans Cathedral: the reredos


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