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RIBA6453Waagehaus (the old weigh-house), Wool Market, Braunschweig

RIBA7146Victoria Street, Chowk, Lucknow

RIBA7563Village Post Office and cottages, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight

RIBA8213View from Central Park including the Sherry-Netherland Hotel, Savoy-Plaza Hotel and the Squibb Building, New York

RIBA9954Vokskas Building, Pretoria

RIBA13884Vickery's Buildings, 76 Pitt Street, Sydney

RIBA17734View of a market hall with a room above using iron and masonry in its construction

RIBA33402View across Sydney Cove of the Central Business District (CBD), Sydney

RIBA45713West Midtown seen from the Rockefeller Center, New York

RIBA47468View of Edinburgh from Calton Hill with the Dugald Stewart's Monument in the foreground, Princes Street on the left and St James Centre on the right

RIBA47469View of Edinburgh from Calton Hill with the Dugald Stewart's Monument and St James Centre on the left and the Playfair Building on the right

RIBA47961West terraces, Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA47975West terraces, Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA53885Unidentified classical facade, Louth, Lincolnshire

RIBA53903W W Johnson & Son Ltd premises, Boston, Lincolnshire

RIBA89430Unidentified building, harbour area, Boston, Massachusetts: the entrance doors

RIBA89431Unidentified comercial building, corner of Melcher Street, Boston, Massachusetts

RIBA90864Unidentified housing and shops, Netherlands

RIBA91581Unidentified building, Glasgow

RIBA102948Unidentified opticians'? Somerset

RIBA105858Waterside House, Paddington Basin, London

RIBA105859Waterside House, Paddington Basin, London

RIBA105860Waterside House, Paddington Basin, London

RIBA105861Waterside House, Paddington Basin, London


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