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RIBA10194224 rue Lionnois, Nancy

RIBA10194424 rue Lionnois, Nancy

RIBA10195024 rue Lionnois, Nancy

RIBA10194924 rue Lionnois, Nancy

RIBA10194824 rue Lionnois, Nancy: the rear elevation

RIBA10194324 rue Lionnois, Nancy: window detail

RIBA1565724, Hyde Park Gardens, London: staircase with iron balustrade

RIBA1565424, Hyde Park Gardens, London: stairs with iron balustrade and doorcases

RIBA87353240 Aztec West, Bristol

RIBA2684-16240 Aztec West, Bristol: entrance and Art Deco style numerals

RIBA47460242-248 Canongate, Edinburgh

RIBA543924-26 Queen Street, Cardiff

RIBA1180524-26 Queen Street, Cardiff: the upper floors

RIBA9928324-29 Rood Lane, City of London: perspective

RIBA10200124-34 Woodstock Road, Bedford Park, Turnham Green, London

RIBA7810244-264 Regent Street, London

RIBA41110245 William Street, Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia

RIBA5570624-60 Bloomsbury Street, London

RIBA24678246-252 Bishopsgate, City of London

RIBA822425 Abingdon Street, Westminster, London

RIBA1166325 and 26 Herbert Place, Dublin

RIBA4934925 Avenue de Versailles, Paris

RIBA4935025 Avenue de Versailles, Paris

RIBA10149325 Avenue de Versailles, Paris


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