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Villa Muller, PragueRIBA70698

Villa Muller, PragueRIBA70699

Villa Muller, Prague: the dining room and music room towards the hallwayRIBA101703

Villa Muller, Prague: the entranceRIBA70696

Villa Muller, Prague: the entrance hallRIBA101706

Villa Muller, Prague: the hallway and stairsRIBA101705

Villa Muller, Prague: the hallway and stairsRIBA101704

Villa Muller, Prague: the music room from the dining roomRIBA101707

Villa Okura under construction, Azabu, TokyoRIBA64952

Villa Okura, Azabu, TokyoRIBA64953

Villa Okura, Azabu, TokyoRIBA17021

Villa Okura, Azabu, Tokyo: corner of the tea roomRIBA64957

Villa Okura, Azabu, Tokyo: the canopied main entranceRIBA64954

Villa Okura, Azabu, Tokyo: the living room with sliding doors to the Japanese-style roomRIBA64956

Villa Okura, Azabu, Tokyo: the suspended light fitting in the galleried entrance hallRIBA64955

Villa Planchart (or Quinta El Cerrito), CaracasRIBA46398

Villa Planchart (or Quinta El Cerrito), CaracasRIBA46399

Villa Schminke, Lobau, Saxony: view of the dining room and the main bedroom which open on to terraces with a view over the gardenRIBA24098

Villa Spisek, Baba Werkbund housing estate, PragueRIBA56795

Villa Steneresen, Tuengen alle 10C, OsloRIBA39976

Villa Sucharda, PragueRIBA9557

Villa T, BratislavaRIBA56681

Villa T, Bratislava: the entrance frontRIBA56680

Villa Valier (Foscarini), near Stra: plan and elevation of a house built in the style of Andrea PalladioRIBA32214


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