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Wall painting depicting the Apotheosis of Faustina Junior, wife of Marcus Aurelius from the House of Titus near the Colosseum, RomeRIBA82224

Wall painting depicting the birth of Adonis from a myrrh tree from the House of Titus near the Colosseum, RomeRIBA82226

Wall painting in a house, PompeiiRIBA6202

Wall painting probably depicting Aphrodite and Adonis from the House of Titus near the Colosseum, RomeRIBA82227

Wall texture, Castle Combe, WiltshireRIBA50796

Walton Grange, Walton Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: the garden frontRIBA51139

Walton Grange, Walton Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: the street frontRIBA51138

Warden's house, Albert Mansbridge College, University of LeedsRIBA11114

Warehouse and listed houses on College Lane, King's Lynn, NorfolkRIBA62984

Warehouses behind Cathedral Close, HerefordRIBA47571

Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, seen from Main StreetRIBA47963

Warley Estate, Brentwood, EssexRIBA75301

Warren House, 10 Warren Lane, Dartington, DevonRIBA90254

Warren House, BeaulieuRIBA26029

Warren House, Beaulieu, Hampshire: close-up of the low slate metal table by Terence Conran and the perforated metal lamp by John and Sylvia ReidRIBA26033

Warren House, Beaulieu: close-up of the main entrance on the shingle shoreRIBA26031

Warren House, Beaulieu: the jetty seen from the entrance to the living roomRIBA26037

Warren House, Beaulieu: the kitchen seen from the dining areaRIBA26034

Warren House, Beaulieu: the living room with an armchair by Robin DayRIBA26036

Warren House, Beaulieu: the Solent facadeRIBA26030

Warren House, Beaulieu: the south-west corner of the living with a teak desk designed by Arne Vodder and a black leather upholstered chair designed by Arne JacobsenRIBA26032

Warren House, Beaulieu: view from the kitchen of the dining area with a spun plastic pendant lamp designed by John and Sylvia ReidRIBA26035

Warren Mount, Oxshott, Surrey: the entrance hallRIBA80404

Warrenne Keep and Bath Row, Castle Hill, StamfordRIBA30370


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