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RIBA13904Zojoji Temple complex, Shiba, Tokyo

RIBA15930Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy, Vienna: gilding and panelling detail of the state rooms

RIBA16472Window of a mosque in Cairo

RIBA16544Wooden doorway of the church of St Constantine and Helen in Zaborie and painted frame in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Kem, Archangel province

RIBA20774Working drawings for the house, not including the offices, Ravensworth Castle, County Durham: eight sketches of rosettes for the saloon

RIBA26761Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk: close-up of the carved angels leaning forward from the hammer-beam principals of the angel roof in the nave, formerly the south aisle of the abbey

RIBA33505York Minster: the choir looking east

RIBA36104Working drawings for Avon Tyrrell,Bransgore, near Ringwood, Hampshire, for Lord Manners: plan, elevation, section and details of staircase

RIBA49921Wooden trellis verandah, Teignmouth, Devon

RIBA55328Wooden house, Suzdal

RIBA58936York Minster: the choir looking west

RIBA60486Windsor Castle: the Waterloo Chamber

RIBA67389Working drawings for an altar screen of stone and wood, Gloucester Cathedral: part of one of the piers and the molded work

RIBA85973Working drawings for the house, not including the offices, Ravensworth Castle, County Durham: part-plan and elevation of the ornamental wainscotting over the chimneypiece with section of mouldings

RIBA100105Winchester Cathedral: the choir looking west

RIBA102496Woolpits, Ewhurst, Surrey: detail of carved pilaster

RIBA102497Woolpits, Ewhurst, Surrey: the main staircase

RIBA102498Woolpits, Ewhurst, Surrey: detail of the coat of arms

RIBA102507Woolpits, Ewhurst, Surrey: detail of carved woodwork on a dresser

RIBA102508Woolpits, Ewhurst, Surrey: detail of panelling, carved woodwork and the coat of arms


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